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Clifton J. Clendenan -  Imlay City, MI

"I began using Migraine Away and More on all of my patients with headaches or neck pain. Within a week, those patients had returned and bought all twelve bottles that I had in stock. It's as simple as that...Use it, tell them what it is, explain that it relaxes the tissues and they will buy it! It's beneficial, it feels good, it's relaxing, and it's effective. It's definitely a must-have product for you to share with your patients. My patients have sent bottles of Migraine Away and More to relatives in Florida, South Carolina, California, and New York, and they continue using it."

Since coming up with Migraine Away and more, Numbs Up!, & Anxient-Ease, I have been quite overwhelmed with all of the phone calls & Testimonials! I want to thank all of you who have reached out to let us know how each product has worked for you! I appreciate all of the referrals that you send my way! I would greatly appreciate if you left your reviews on either Facebook or on Google!

Thank you all once again for keeping me going!

 - Marjeanne Showalter, CEO

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